Welcome to CT McCabe Consulting Services, LLC!

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February 28, 2014 is nearly here. For me it will be my last day after more than 19+ years as Corporate Health, Safety and HR Director at Ames Goldsmith Corporation, and a career spanning over 30 years involved in Health, Safety, Risk Management, HR and ISO. Retirement – I made it.

Now I embark upon a new career as a consultant, specializing in Workplace health and Safety and Risk Management services. I will cater to small and mid-sized companies who are looking for affordable consulting services in the previously mentioned areas. I envision that my clients will include companies who would like to improve their bottom line while protecting their employees and businesses. Also companies and organizations who would like to grow their businesses by taking that sometimes scary step into the world of ISO 9001 certification but who do not have the resources to do so with their current staff.

If you fit one or more of those categories, contact me for a free quote and let’s both grow our businesses together.

Chuck McCabe


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