“How can OSHA training make my small business more competitive?”

Workplace Safety (OSHA) training on various topics can be an important part of making your business competitive:

  • Reduce workplace illnesses and injuries which will improve your bottom line
  • Minimize workers’ compensation and medical costs
  • Keep days away restricted and transferred (DART) rate and total case rate (TCR) below the national averages for your industry
  • Help you maintain successful safety and health programs
  • Control damage to equipment and materials
  • Improve employee morale and reduce turnover
  • In many cases proper safety training, written programs and monthly audits will make you eligible for insurance discounts

At CT McCabe Consulting Services, LLC, we provide OSHA safety training designed to make small businesses more competitive in a global marketplace. When business owners ask, “Will OSHA training make my small business more competitive?” we can answer with the experience and knowledge of what works and how you can realize reduced costs and down time. Contact Chuck McCabe today for a free quote and consultation:

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