“I need small business Internal Audit Training!”

What is involved in a small business internal audit training process?

1. Plan your Internal audit:

Internal audits must be scheduled at planned intervals to check that the quality system conforms to the requirements and that the system is effective

2. Who will audit?

Auditors must be objective and impartial. Auditors cannot audit processes that they manage themselves. This means that a number of auditors may be needed depending upon the size of the organization. We also provide auditor services upon request.

3. Requirements of the audit:

A formal small business internal audit training checklist with a pre-determined list of question is provided; findings from previous audits can all be used to determine how an audit will proceed and what will be the focus of the audit.

4. Conducting the audit:

Your small business internal audit starts with an opening meeting between the auditor and the dept personnel being audited. At this time the timetable and what will be audited will be discussed. Auditor will systematically go through the audit checklist looking at evidence that the process meeting the criteria

5. Audit findings:

The auditor will document any findings and submit a formal written report on the audit to the management team upon completion of the audit.

6. Corrective Actions:

Findings will be addressed with changes being made to the way the company performs certain tasks or by changing what they say they do to conform with what is actually being done.

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