New Hire Safety Orientation Training: Building a solid foundation for your safety program

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Just as a good solid foundation is necessary for the longevity of a house or building, a strong Hew Hire Safety Orientation training program is essential to a strong Safety Program. They vary from organization to organization in what they are called and what information is provided to new hires. But all successful programs should be formal, mandatory for all new hires, and include in their training outline at least the following topics:

  1. Basic company safety policies and rules
  2. Emergency procedures outlining evacuation routes and the locations of fire alarms, eyewash stations, safety showers, and first-aid kits
  3. Job hazards
  4. Required PPE and training in its use
  5. Hazard reporting procedures
  6. Who to contact with questions, problems or suggestions
  7. Safety responsibilities of employees, supervisors, and management
  8. Required safety training (any number of topics)
  9. Standard safety and health information regarding signage, labels, and most importantly, MSDS (SDSs)
  10. Housekeeping duties as they pertain to employees

In my experience this information should all be presented to the new hires within the first day or two on the job. All training should be documented and quizzes should be given for each topic. That is not the end of it since your supervisors should be coaching and reviewing their safety knowledge over at least their first 90 days on the job and during annual refresher training classes.

If you make it clear to new employees from the first day that safety is a number one job priority, that safety performance will be evaluated along with other aspects of job performance, and that those evaluations will affect their potential raises, promotions, etc., you will have laid a strong foundation for your safety program which will serve you and your business.

I welcome any comments you may have.

Chuck McCabe

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